Viola d'amore Forum

The viola d'amore is a niche instrument, which nevertheless has its peculiarities and special needs. Fortunately, many people who play the viola d'amore have learned much about the instrument, but not much has been written down in the sense of formal instruction. To access this informal wealth of information, a bulletin board called Viola d'amore forum has been created in February 2010. It grew out of a discussion between Tom Georgi and Daniel Geiger after a concert in Los Angeles.

What is a bulletin board/forum?
It is a rather autonomous method of sending text messages, images, and documents to an audience with a particular common interest, in this case the viola d'amore. Unlike a regular website, messages can be sent without an intermediary such as a webmaster.

Who can access the Viola d'amore forum?
Anybody with internet access can see the content of the board. In order to post messages, one must be a registered member of the Viola d'amore forum. This membership is free of charge, and independent of the membership in the Viola d'amore Society of America. In order to register a member must have an active e-mail account.

What about non-English speakers?
The forum software is in English, and we do not have the expertise to provide a version in another language. Posts can be written in other languages; how these will be dealt with remains to be seen.

Who runs the Viola d'amore forum?
The forum has been set up by Daniel Andreson, who is currently the primary caretaker. Eventually a small appointed team can see after various aspects of the forum. Please let Daniel know of any problems you encounter. As the forum is a new technogical frontier, please be patient with getting issues resolved, particularly in the beginning. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Why should I become a member of the Viola d'amore forum?
As a seasoned viola d'amore player you can help beginners with getting started, or ask fellow players how to approach particular issues. As a beginner, you can ask questions about various matters. There is room for shameless selfpromotion (your new CD, new instrument, new appointment), and it also includes a section for viola d'amore related commerce (for sale/sought to buy). You can subscribe to any part of the overall forum (subscribe to categories, or subscribe to existing topics), and you will receive immediate e-mail notifications as soon as something new has been posted.

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